My Name Is Sunny Kamboj

A Professional UI/UX DESIGNER Web Developer Creative Director

About Me

Passionate in the belief that Website development is essential part of an organisation to promote its business and to scale and achieve higher levels of profitability. I love to work closely with other developers and professionals as well as organize and manage multiple priorities simultaneously. I am always very enthusiastic to learn new technology and keep myself up-to-date with web tools. To obtain a position as a web application developer in a fun, fast-paced cutting-edge environment that promotes teamwork and integrity and that fosters personal and professional development.
1. Over +2 years of professional Web application development experience.
2. PHP and Basic of Object Oriented PHP, including wordpress.
3. HTML, XHTML, Bootstrap and CSS.
4. JavaScript and AJAX, jQuery including libraries and plugins.
5. SQL, Phpmyadmin, MySql and MySqli.

My Skill

Web Design


Web Development


PSD To Html


UI/UX Design






Web Design


Web Development


Why Me?

I work hard to make your job easier! Project managers like not having to worry about my deadlines; I stick to the schedule and communicate with the team often to keep everyone up-to-date on the project’s progress. Designers like not having to worry that their coded design will come back mangled; I strive to stay true to their creative vision. Technical managers like not having to worry about the quality of the code they’ll receive, well-commented and ready to integrate.

And me? I love helping my clients look good for their clients by always delivering on time—or even early!—and I’m always a quick phone call or an email away if you need me.When deadlines loom and the pressure is on, it’s tempting to take coding shortcuts to just “get it done.�? I take pride in always going the extra mile to create well-crafted, standards compliant pages using semantic code, be it HTML5, XHTML, CSS or Javascript. That little extra effort to plan it out and think ahead means that your website will be easier to maintain, easier to access, and should even get better results from search engines

My Vision

I am a web site Desingner and Devloper.I believe that While world-class organizations craft banner vision statements to inspire their efforts toward success, most people haven’t thought to do so for themselves. As we watch the Olympic Games in Beijing, we are reminded in interview after interview with champion athletes about the importance of envisioning their success, of visualizing their performance flowing perfectly, leading to the medal ceremony and their dreams coming true. Aristotle observed that “the soul never thinks without a picture.�?

Creating a compelling vision for our lives — one that includes not just a vision of our professional accomplishments but also a vision for family life, education, health, community engagements, travel, and adventures — can point us in new directions and provide the drive we need to get there. A personal vision statement asks: what do I want to be, do, and contribute in life — and who do I want to share it with?
Some people struggle with the notion of having a vision of the good life because it sounds abstract and distant. Fortunately, authors Richard Leider and David Shapiro have come to the rescue with an elegantly simple definition of the good life: “living in the place you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work — on purpose.�?

My Skills

An In-Depth Look At What I Offer .

Web Design

Modern and User Focused

From single landing pages to fully-blown eCommerce store, I can created a design that fits perfectly with you and your business.

Web Development

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Our tech team is fluent in contemporary technologies such as GraphQL, PHP and JavaScript. Based on open source software like Drupal.


Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Experience matters. We've shown our rigor. I'm backed by a design and development team who are less assumptive and more disruptive.


Shopify and WooCommerce

Selling your product should be the bit you focus on, not managing the website. You can have a custom solution that does all the heavy lifting for you.


Projects Finished


Happy Clients


Hours Worked



Work & Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


High School Degree

I had high school degree with full friends with my friends that I was the smartest kid in class. I was also a monitor of the class so my name was in the merit list.



I have done diploma in computer engineering since childhood I have been very fond of computer and I am a college topper



Now I am doing a course study from Graduation BCA stream and have to work together



I had started web designing in the year of july,2017. In this period i had worked on numerous projects such as schools multi-level marketing as well as on blog websites.



I had started web devlopments in the year of oct,2017. In this period i had worked on numerous dynamic projects such as schools multi-level marketing as well as on blog websites.

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+91 7027323332
+91 9588126487

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Haryana ,India